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Why Aura

Why Aura

Learning Pathways


The integrated curriculum includes hands-on activities to allow children to connect with the environment. Painting and performing arts like elocution, quiz, dramatics, singing, and dance are effortlessly blended into the curriculum. Students are graded on their performance in these various activities. Field trips to places of cultural, historical, and environmental interest are incorporated into the curriculum. Festivals are celebrated each month and the significance of each is explained through small skits enacted on the occasion. Children grow in competence as they are provided with exposure to inter-school competitions. Prominent personalities often visit the school and encourage children on their journeys of growth. Children are taught the rules of etiquette and behaviour to enable them to face various situations they might experience. Children are helped to develop into holistic individuals capable of inspiring positive changes in the society.

The school follows the CBSE syllabus integrated with the International method of PYP - Primary Years Programme from kindergarten to grade V. The uniqueness of the school largely lies in this blended approach of offering Indian content using international methodologies. The school follows the international convention of a 12:1 student teacher ratio for kindergarten and 15:1 student teacher ratio from grade 1 through grade 4 to optimize learning. Regular field trips are organized based on the PYP programme to help children understand the unit of inquiry in progress. Throughout the learning process, both students and teachers actively get involved in assessing student progress. Students regularly assess their own work and reflect on their learning process. Teachers support the students in assessing their work by providing assessment criteria. Students go-through the pre-assessment, formative assessment and summative assessment.

Parent teacher meetings are held regularly in which the teachers describe how the students perform and behave in the class and parents provide their perspective.

Students maintain their purposeful collection in portfolio. This helps the students in becoming self-assessors. The portfolio is shared by the students with the parent in a Student-Led Conference. This conference allows the students to play an active role in reporting the progress to their parents. The students also put up an Exhibition in which they showcase their unit of Inquiry which focuses on the global issues.

The subjects are not compartmentalized and the curriculum offers a seamless integration of classroom activities with other essential skills necessary for students to emerge as leaders in the real world. Equal importance is given to developing the cognitive and psychomotor skills of students. The teaching methodology often moves away from books to include the world outside the campus. Instead of being merely providing information in the classroom, they are allowed to explore their various intellectual facilities by seeing and doing things themselves.

What we do

Aura Infrastructure

The campus is being developed on an area of four and half acres which the nature has graced with its bounteous vegetation, tranquil beauty, and an ideal environment for learning. We provide students with the highest quality instructions with a state-of-the-art infrastructure and resources required for comprehensive learning and overall development, bringing out the hidden talents of the students. Close to the town, but tucked away from the hustle and bustle, the school is located in a refreshingly tranquil and verdant ambiance, idyllic for learning

  • Well lit, aesthetically set classrooms.
  • Storage space in every classroom for individual students.
  • Music, Art, Dance and Karate training.
  • Technology enabled classrooms.
  • Robotics and language labs.
  • Spacious dining hall.
  • Well stocked library.
  • Indoor games facility.
  • Wi Fi campus.

What we do

Aura Technology


Information And Communication Technology is gathering momentum with the ever-increasing urge of the child to explore a world beyond the texts. Computer skills are enhanced through its integration into the Curriculum.


Robotics training is provided in association with Akshay Aero Sports, a world-class robotic education provider for school. The Robotics club in the school won the national prize in National Robotics Championship conducted at IIT Bombay in 2013 and secured runners-up in the Robofiesta in 2014 held at IIM Ahmadabad

It is a space designed to developthinking as per the age specific abilities of children. Each child learns various Thinking Concepts, as way of thinking, which are linked to relevant Thinking Skills for the development of various Higher Order Thinking Skills (HOTS), Thinking Processes & Life Skills. It draws forth the latent capabilities and sensitivities of the mind rather than filling it with pre-designed information.​

What we do

Aura Services


A well-equipped infirmary set up by an experienced nurse to attend minor injuries or ailments of a child in the School. A medical record is maintained for each child indicating height, weight and general health. In case of emergency, the child will be taken to the nearest hospital by the nurse for immediate medical attention. Simultaneously the parents will be informed.


The School has its own fleet of air-conditioned buses for transporting the students from different localities to and from the school. Students can avail the facility of conveyance by putting up an application for the same. Vehicles are fitted with GPS facility to update vehicle movement. Automated SMS facility is provided regarding the location and arrival of the vehicles.


Balanced and nutritious diet is an essential ingredient for the healthy and harmonious growth of a child. The school believes in imbibing healthy food habits among the students, for, a healthy mind can reside only in a healthy body. Keeping this in mind, the menu chart is designed in consultation with the dietician, for the entire week in such a way that it not only makes a healthy diet but also exposes the child to different cuisines. The school provides a hot vegetarian/ non-vegetarian breakfast and lunch for all students. Snacks are also served in the evenings.