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Chairman’s Desk

K K Ashraf / Chairman AURA

Chairman's Message

The 21st century demands significant change and improvement in the field of education. Our youngsters deserve the opportunity to be equipped with the tools to perform better as we live in exponential times, preparing our children for jobs that do not even exist, to use technologies that haven’t been invented in order to solve problems that we do not even know are problems yet.

AURA and the educators we employ understand these essentials and challenges. Drifting away from textbook – dominated teaching, our students develop essential life skills, personal development and global culture. We inspire them to become lifelong learners and thereby develop in them self – confidence, mettle and nerve.

It is our aim to revolutionize and transform the educational landscape of Kerala by establishing world – class schools at par with international standards. The Board of Directors excel as successful entrepreneurs with an honest passion and wholehearted commitment to education. The success of the group is due to God’s blessing and the endless efforts from our dedicated staff and inspirational principals.

Learning should be fun but rigorous and stimulating enough to ensure our students meet the challenges which face them. With the continued support of our beloved children and their parents, AURA will remain a source of inspiration and a matter of pride to the people of Kerala.