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Here at AEGS, we hope to provide each student with opportunities not only to learn within the classroom, through study, but to do so, also through physical activity, and social interaction. A large part of this type of learning takes place within our Physical Education Programme.

In Physical Education classes, our focus is on providing students with skills and knowledge that will allow them to understand the importance of physical fitness and well-being. Students will learn how they can live and enjoy a healthy, active lifestyle, and we hope that this knowledge will give students the ability to make a commitment to healthy living in every day of their lives. We hope to help our students achieve this through teaching students the basic skills, and the rules of many games and sports, and by giving students the opportunity to assess their own health and lifestyle choices. Students can work to further improve this lifelong goal of healthy and active living by taking part in the sports that they enjoy most.

We offer many opportunities in sports. Some of which are: skating, swimming, cricket, football, basketball, badminton and tennis. Whether it is through Physical Education classes or through competitions within any of the sports we hope to provide our students with the opportunities and lessons that cannot be provided within a classroom setting. In this way, we hope to educate the whole child, and provide opportunity for our students to learn both within the classroom and outside of it.


Hobbies have many benefits and advantages for students. A hobby is an emotional outlet and a way of gaining knowledge. Hobbies keep our minds and our hands active. Students at Aura Edify Global School are identified even for their hobbies. We find a talent or passion they may not have known they had before.

The only way we'll ever discover their hidden talents is through their participation in various creative arts, performing arts and visual arts. Children grow in aesthetic sensitivity, imagination, creativity and communication skills. Art and Craft would be enjoyable experiences, as they arouse their interest for a lifelong learning. New programmes, strategies or products are being created every minute around the world to meet the unseen challenges and competitions of tomorrow and the key to these innovations is creativity which is given prime importance at Aura Edify Global School.

How hobbies help a child grow?

  • Develops an appreciation of art within each student.
  • Develops creativity.
  • Develops aesthetic awareness and avenues for self-expression.
  • Uses different materials and techniques to conduct creative activities.
  • Knowing and exploring the wonders of colours.
  • Develops intentional choice of line, colours, shapes and other visual elements in their artwork.


The school arranges frequent visits to places of historical and educational interests in and around the city. These excursions and trips help to promote team spirit, leadership potential and a spirit of sharing. The students are also taken to different places like zoo, museum, movie shows, overnight stay, one day camps and outstation picnics by train and by air.

Students are also taken on field trips as it provides students with experiences that cannot be duplicated in the school but are nonetheless an integral part of the general knowledge which are worthwhile for the students. They can enable teachers to expand students' learning beyond the walls of the classroom into the vast community outside.


Learning in AURA is integrated with multiple hobbies a student could pursue. Students can opt for Indian and Western Music, Bharathanatyam and other performing arts. Children get vivid opportunities for their creative expression in the learning pathways.


‘Arogyenabinapumsamjeevitam vyarthamevahi’ holistic wealth is taken care of with Yoga training in the school children who are to the harmony of body and minds have the option for Yoga Training.


Amith Krishna of grade 3 of Aura Edify Global School, Kodungallur did the school proud by winning Gold Medal at the State level Roller Skating Hockey and was selected in the National team.

Mohammed Zidaine of grade 6 won 64th rank at International Level for the International English Olympiad, IEO.

He has also been declared as the youngest certified game developer by an online portal White Hat Jr. which offers live online coding lessons.

Thrissur District Roller Skating Competition

  • Aryan Sam of grade 4B secured 1st position in 200m and 1000m.
  • Agnivesh Chinchu of grade 4A secured 2nd position in 200m and 1000m.
  • Zayed Shan of grade 4B secured 3rd position in 200m and 1000m.
  • Aagneya Gouri of grade 3A secured 2nd position in 1000m and 200m.

We are proud to inform that all four got state selection too.