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Admissions Started for 2022-2023


Information And Communication Technology is gathering momentum with the ever increasing urge of the child to explore a world beyond the texts. Computer skills are enhanced through its integration into the Curriculum.


Robotics training is provided in association with Akshay Aero Sports, a world class robotic education provider for school. The Robotics club in the school won the national prize in National Robotics Championship conducted at IIT Bombay in 2013 and secured runners up in the Robofiesta in 2014 held at IIM Ahmadabad

It is a space designed to developthinking as per the age specific abilities of children. Each child learns various Thinking Concepts, as way of thinking, which are linked to relevant Thinking Skills for the development of various Higher Order Thinking Skills (HOTS), Thinking Processes & Life Skills. It draws forth the latent capabilities and sensitivities of the mind rather than filling it with pre-designed information.

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